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I am El Scorcho

and this is the story of my art.


definition/urban dictionary;

An El Scorcho is when you masturbate with hot sauce.







El Scorcho´s paintings describe the world´s end and

how to speed it up.

Scorcho´s art is about broken guys giving everything while not accomplishing anything.


Cycle Zero: Rise Of The Space Cadets / Pool Party At Ground Zero

Cycle One: The Planet Of The Living Vomit

Cycle III: Doomsday Plan "A" And "B"



ycle III implies delusional fears painted in dark backgrounds and by misshapened figures. Psychoses, turned into partially bright colors. All images in Cycle III are based on actual crimes. The Doomsday Plan "A" and "B" can best be felt out by two of Scorcho's paintings.

[1] Background analysis Cycle III based on the painting:

"Weird Ed And The Plain Of Ghoulfield"

Hardly anyone who does not know << Psycho >> (Robert Bloch 1959) or << The Silence of the Lambs << (Thomas Harris 1988). Genre specialists also may have a clue about the 1974 movie << The Texas Chainsaw Massacre >> by Tobe Hooper.

But only few will know the figure that underlies all these books and films: Ed Gein - a necrophilic ripper with transsexual tendencies and a grotesque inclination to tailor all sorts of stuff from human skin.

Odd art Ed Gein Psycho Killer

Weird Ed And The Plain Of Ghoulfield

Wooden Light Box | 800lm LED

100 x 190cm

El Scorcho | 2016 - 2019

Ed Gein also inspired various songs: e.g. "Ed Gein for President" by the Belgian Grindcore group Hybrid Viscery, "Gein" by Ry Legit, "Dead Skin Mask" by Slayer, "Nothing to Gein" by Mudvayne, "Old Mean Ed Gein" by The Fibonaccis, "Jessica "by Dir En Gray," Nipple Belt "by Tad," Skinned "by Blind Melon or" Lotion "by Greenskeepers.

El Scorcho saw Hitchcock's >> Psycho << film adaptation at the age of 12, and was immediately floored by the possibility of being "externally controlled" by one´s own hallucinations.

While Ed Gein made headlines with all his morbid deeds in the late '50s, inspiring an entire generation of musicians, filmmakers, and writers, El Scorcho was not interested in the "human skull soup cups," the "nine masks of human skin", the "chain of human tongues" or the “belt of breast nipples” from the start. Instead he wanted to know what anxiety disorders can trigger off in a person - and how hallucinations eventually can result in murders.

Ed Gein was convinced that his dead mother spoke to him and soon he was on a mission: to bring the old lady back from the hereafter. Convinced, that his dead mother spoke to him, Ed Grein set out for a mission: bringing the old lady back from the afterworld.

He studied the local obituaries and then always excavated the "freshest" corpses. It was conclusive for him, through contact with the remains, to establish contact with the realm of the dead. Contacting the realm of the dead by means of mortal remains seemed a plain implication to him.

[2] Background analysis Cycle III based on the paintings:

"Michael Owen Perry And The Super-Fertilizing Bunger Womp" along with "Michael Owen Perry And The Tree Destroying Softkill System"

A young man is sitting in front of a TV. The device is not set to any channel ... only static noise. Michael Owen Perry receives secret messages from the TV. He is said to kill the pop singer Olivia Newton John. Many voices speak to him now. The parents of the schizophrenic teenager went to the mountains over the weekend. Michael goes to his parents' garden and cut down all the trees to get a better reception for the TV tunes.

Four years later, on July 17, 1983, he will kill his mother, father, two cousins ​​and his nephew. Michael Owen Perry will be arrested in a motel room in Washington D.C.. You will find nine televisions there. ... And all of them will be set to static noise.

Scorcho deduced the paintings "Michael Owen Perry And The Tree Destroying Softkill System" and "Michael Owen Perry And The Super-Fertilizing Bunger Womp" from this case.

So all of these stories [and many more] blended into the movie Dead Bodies Below The Floor.

Michael Owen Perry And The Super-Fertilizing Bunger Womp

Wooden Light Box | 950lm LED

100 x 190cm

El Scorcho | 2019

Scorcho is not just about creating extremely dark paintings, but rather builds his own theory on a topic that has been occupying him for over a quarter of a century: heteronomous killers - if need be killing even themselves. According to Scorcho´s findings, this can occur by various reasons:

  • a corresponding genetic predisposition [such as schizophrenia]

  • taking psychoactive substances [Lsd-25, Pot, Psilocybin or similar]

  • voluntary or involuntary participation in experiments in the field of thought control [such as the MK-Ultra project, Operation Bluebird, MK-Naomi, Project Artichoke or similar]

  • a dissocial or antisocial personality disorder [characterized by a tendency to aggressive behavior and violence. Affected people often come into trouble with the law because of disregarding social norms and acting irresponsibly. Dissocial personalities are quickly irritable, impulsive and have a low frustration tolerance. A subgroup of affected people has no empathy].

  • or a mixture of all four variants

El Scorcho's compositions are a fantastic mix of destruction and irony. Never before, the hallucinations of murderers, death cult leaders and assassins have been illustrated in such a threatening way - and so fascinating at the same time.

odd art serial killer maniac el scorcho painter

Michael Owen Perry And The Tree Destroying Softkill System

Wooden Light Box | 750lm LED

100 x 190cm

El Scorcho | 2014 - 2019

El Scorcho, born in 1973 on the planet of the living vomit, works as a freelance painter and graphic artist.

Since his earliest childhood Scorcho regularly visits his relatives in California. All his works are strongly influenced by Hispanic influences; in the region between San Diego, Long Beach and Sacramento he experienced the then contemporary Low Brow Art and California Comic Art.

In Q1/2016, El Scorcho was admitted to the BBK [Bundesverband bildender Künstler].

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