It is well known that followers of Charles Manson committed the Tate-LaBianca during the late 1960's. If one examines the case closely, it becomes obvious that Manson used mind-control techniques such as hypnotism, LSD, and other types of mental programming to turn middle-class suburbanites into selfless killers, but one has to wonder just exactly how Manson was able to accomplish this?

Consider that Manson was part of the hippie movement at the time of the CIA's project, MKULTRA, which implemented the use of drugs in order to conduct mind control experiments.

It appears that part of Manson's own supply of LSD may have come directly from the CIA. A new type of LSD known as "Orange Sunshine" was being used by the Manson Family immediately prior to the Tate-LaBianca murders according to Family member Charles "Tex" Watson, who wrote in his prison memoir that it was the use of Orange Sunshine LSD that finally convinced him that Manson's violent, apocalyptic vision was real.

In addition, Tex Watson recounted in his testimony that Manson used other drugs such as "mescaline, psilocybin, and the THC, and STP" and described a "mental acid" that "drew stuff out of your mind; and the other (body acid)...would be drawing your body."

Later, when asked about the use of drugs in the Manson family "Tex" said, "People seem to think that Manson had all of us drugged out, while he remained sober so he could easily manipulate our minds. This may be true, but a sorcerer such as Manson uses mind-altering drugs himself in order to contact spiritual beings, and gain supernatural powers."

el scorcho artist breast woman

"He did use drugs to manipulate and control us, and the more drugs we took, the easier it was for him to manipulate us with his philosophy. We all began to reflect his views, a mirror image of destruction, growing worse every day. We mirrored his lifestyle and attitude toward society."

Orange Sunshine LSD was manufactured and distributed exclusively by a group known as "The Brotherhood of Eternal Love" who operated out of a beach resort near Los Angeles. The Brotherhood had among it's drug manufacturers and dealers, one Ronald Stark, who is believed to have manufactured 50 million doses of LSD, and had known connections to the CIA.     

It was this very same batch of acid that was available in abundance four months later during the fateful free concert held at Altamont Speedway. Four people died at that concert, one of them after being brutally stabbed to death by a group of Hell's Angels who had been given access to multiple tabs of Orange Sunshine. Many people who attended that concert noted that the LSD seemed to be "contaminated" and that the general vibe one got from using it was that of extreme negativity, violence, and death. Additionally, Orange Sunshine was in use among American ground forces during the Vietnam war, having been smuggled into that country from the California coast.

Manson's personal obsession was with "Helter Skelter" and his belief was that this event would ignite a black-white race war in America; the Tate-LaBianca murders and the murder of musician Gary Hinman were definitely staged with false clues that the killers (or perhaps someone else) hoped would be blamed on elements of the "black militant" movement.

Manson has said in interviews that he based some of his philosophy on the science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Hienlien. In a scenario perhaps reminiscent of Mark David Chapman's and John Hinckley's infatuation with Catcher in the Rye, could Stranger in a Strange Land somehow have been Manson's program-trigger mechanism? Was the concept of Helter Skelter part of Manson's program? It is interesting to note how the "science fiction" character of Valentine Michael Smith in Heinlien's Stranger in a Strange Land very closely parallels Manson's own life: Valentine Michael Smith was a human being who returned to Earth after being raised on Mars where he underwent training in the occult arts; Manson was isolated in prison where he also studied the occult extensively and has quipped that he viewed himself as a man with an alien mind after his release from prison in 1967;  both  Manson and the fictional "Smith" gathered about them a group of followers into a  communal lifestyle and practiced a sort of "group mind" telepathy; both attempted to transform the world as we

know if via their respective philosophies.

So it came to pass that Charles Manson was stuck in solitary confinement at Folsom Prison when a new inmate was placed in the adjoining cell. It was Tim Leary, who was eventually captured with Joanna Harcourt Smith, who later admitted working for the DEA. "They took you off the streets", Manson informed Leary, "so that I could continue with your work." Charlie couldn't understand how Leary had given so many people acid without trying to "control" them.

With all this in mind, consider that if a ex-convict-turned-hippie like Charles Manson could program people to kill, then why not the U.S. Government?n the book, Helter Skelter, Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi discussed Manson's programming techniques in depth, likening much of Manson's programming abilities to those used by the U.S. military.

"Nymphonaut" | 9cm x 21cm

Manson was in prison during the time that the CIA was known to be using inmates at Vacaville prison in the MKULTRA experiments, a fact that leaves one to speculate that perhaps Manson was some sort of mind-controlled guru created by the CIA and set loose against the "subversive" left-wing elements in order to discredit them.

Since his incarceration for the Tate-LaBianca murders, Manson has again served part of his time at Vacaville.

In alot of Manson interviews he will say things like "I'm only what i've been trained to be, I'm only what you thought you" "One interview he said Jimmy Carter made me what I am"

                                          source:               tenkay     


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                                       "Das allerletzte Selfie" | 98cm x 150cm [alt. 45cm x75cm] Serienedition 3/20 verkauft


The abuses of MK-ULTRA are just beginning to see the light of day.

On November 19, 1953, an Army scientist and germ warfare specialist named Frank Olson, who was working on an MKULTRA project, was without his knowledge or consent, slipped a dose of LSD in a drink at a party attended by other CIA personnel. For weeks afterward he remained in what many witnesses described as a state of depression and paranoia. He confided to one CIA doctor that the agency was putting something in his coffee to keep him awake at night, that people were plotting against him and that he heard voices commanding him to throw his wallet away, which he did, even though it contained several uncashed pay checks. On the last night of his life, he checked into a room at the Statler Hilton hotel in New York City along with a CIA agent assigned to watch him. Olson allegedly jumped through a closed hotel window and fell ten stories to his death. It was Dr. Gottlieb who had slipped him the drug at the party. An elaborate cover-up eliminated any

clues as to the actual circumstances of his death. The full truth of what happened would not come to light for twenty years. (On a recent episode of the television show Unsolved Mysteries, serious doubts were raised as to whether Olson actually jumped through the window unaided.) Olson's widow was eventually awarded a large cash settlement in connection with his death at the hands of the CIA.

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"Party At Ground Zero"  | 100cm x 240cm |         Serienedition

Dr. Ewen Cameron, a prestigious psychiatrist who directed the Allain Memorial Institute in Montreal, Canada also worked for the CIA during MKULTRA. With financial backing from the CIA, Dr. Cameron developed a bizarre method for reprogramming people. This involved "sleep therapy" where a person was knocked out with sedatives for months at a time. Next, the phase involved "depatterning" in which the person was given massive electro shocks and frequent doses of LSD in an attempt to wipe out past behavior patterns. Then, the doctor would attempt to recondition the person's mind using a technique called "psychic driving," in which the person was again heavily sedated, locked in a "sleep room" where tape recordings of various messages were played over a speaker under the person's pillow as many as a quarter of a million times.  (Nine of Dr. Cameron's former "patients" have filed lawsuits against the American government in a claim that they arestill suffering from trauma as a result of these experiments.)

Another death attributed to the program was that of Harold Blauer in 1953. Blauer was part of a study conducted by a group of doctors working under an army contract at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He died a few hours after an injection of MDA, a psychedelic, amphetamine-derived drug, similar to the 90's "rave" drug, Ecstasy. The drug had been supplied by the Army Chemical Corps in co-operation with MKULTRA. One army researcher later admitted that "we didn't know if it was dog piss or what it was we were giving to him."

And in perhaps one of the most bizarre and horrifying abuses, Dr. Paul Hoch, while performing experiments for the army as a CIA consultant, gave intra spinal injections of LSD and mescaline to psychiatric patients, later lobotomizing them. In one experiment, after a psychedelic had been administered, Dr. Hoch gave a subject a local anesthetic and asked him to describe his visual experiences as surgeons removed pieces of his brain.  (The list of other abuses occurring during MKULTRA is a lengthy one that could fill a large volume.)

source: Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, Evergreen Books, Prologue, page xxiv.

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Charlie Manson And Orange Sunshine

"Killbot Acid King" | 84cm x 120cm | Unikat

El Scorcho

el scorcho artist  portrait


How to consume

my art properly:

1. Take a fat bong rip.

2. Eat Doritos and ice cream

    till you throw up.

3. Do heroin.

4. Overdose.

5. Die

[inspired by CJ]

"Heaven`s Gate Away Team" | Format: 94cm x 139cm | Unikat [click to enlarge]

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odd art El Scorcho Mc Donald´s


Seit US-Teenager wegen ihrer Fettleibigkeit vor einigen Monaten McDonald's verklagten, zittert die gesamte Fastfood-Branche. Jetzt gibt es vorerst Entwarnung: Ein Gericht wies die Klage der ehemaligen Burgerliebhaber als unbegründet zurück.

New York - Ein US-Bundesrichter wies eine entsprechende Klage am Mittwochabend ab. Den Klägern sei es nicht gelungen zu beweisen, dass Kunden gesundheitliche Risiken der Speisen von McDonald's Chart zeigen nicht gekannt hätten, sagte Richter Robert Sweet. Die Klage war im Namen übergewichtiger Kindern erhoben worden, die regelmäßig in zwei McDonald's Restaurants in dem New Yorker Stadtteil Bronx gegessen hatten und unter Diabetes, Herzkrankheiten und Bluthochdruck leiden. Unter den Klägern ist ein 14-jähriges Mädchen, das bei einer Größe von 1,47 Metern 77 Kilo auf die Waage bringt.

"Wenn die Konsumenten die möglichen Gesundheitsgefahren kennen, können sie McDonald's nicht beschuldigen, wenn sie ihren Appetit dennoch mit einer übermäßigen McDonald's Mahlzeit stillen", argumentierte Richter Sweet. Allerdings könnten die Anwälte die Klage noch einmal einreichen, wenn sie bisher weithin unbekannte Gefahren von Big Macs oder Pommes nachweisen könnten.

Der Richter zeigte sich besorgt darüber, dass der Fall bei einem Erfolg Tausende ähnlicher Gerichtsverfahren gegen Restaurants nach sich ziehen könnte. In den USA würden jedes Jahr mehr als 110 Milliarden Dollar für Fast Food ausgegeben, erläuterte Sweet. Laut Studien besuche täglich jeder vierte Erwachsene in den USA ein Fast-Food-Restaurant.

McDondald's begrüßte die Entscheidung des Richters als einen Sieg des gesunden Menschenverstands. Einer der Anwälte der Kläger kündigte an, die Klage innerhalb von 30 Tagen wieder vorzulegen.

Quelle: spiegel online

"Der Tag, an dem der Kapitalismus falsch abbog, sich verflog und auf dem falschen Planeten landete"

30cm x 40cm x 12cm | 300lm LED Holzleuchtkasten | Serielles Unikat

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odd art El Scorcho Donald Trump Painting Bild


Washington – Donald Trump said Tuesday that Jesus Christ was a ‘socialist loser’ because he used to feed the poor and heal the sick.

Then Trump – the Republican presidential contender who has captured the hearts and minds of at least 20% of the nation’s Republicans – vowed: “Believe me, Trump would never help the poor.”

“I would never give away medicine for free. Jesus was weak. Let me tell you something, Jesus is not god. He’s god because he was crucified. I like gods that weren’t crucified.”

“Perhaps he’s god, but right now, Jesus hasn’t done anything in 2000 years,” Trump added. “Jesus gets up there and starts bleeding out on the cross. Trump wouldn’t do that. He has blood coming out of his sides, his eyes, his feet, blood coming out of his wherever. Just disgusting.”

The real estate tycoon also said he didn’t like Jesus after he found out that he used to give away free healthcare to the poor.

“I never liked Jesus after that, because I don’t like socialist losers,” Trump said. “He’s as weak as Bernie Sanders.”

“I just don’t respect Jesus as a savior,” Trump said of Jesus. “I have no respect for him. I don’t think he’s very good at being a deity. He never owned any casinos, he never married models like I have. I think Jesus is highly overrated.”

Trump said he is considering starting his own religion named ‘Trumpology.’ Trumpology would focus on the worship of money and of Trump the Savior.

Leading pollsters think Trump’s poll numbers will probably rise after this as many Republicans will assume he was merely insulting a Mexican named Jesus.

source: online god news

"Hohle Erde/Mit dem Batmobil bekam er sie alle rum" | 30cm x 40cm x 12cm

300lm LED Holzleuchtkasten | Serielles Unikat

A new national poll has multibillionaire Donald Trump firmly in front of all other Republican White House hopefuls, but it shows signs that the weekend controversy he courted is beginning to hurt him.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Monday found Trump leads the GOP pack with a 24 per cent showing among registered Republican voters.

But Langer Research Associates, the polling company that did the polling groundwork, reported that Trump was polling at 28 per cent until Sunday. That was just one day after he created a Republican-on-Republican slugfest by claiming at an Iowa event that Arizona Sen. John McCain is 'not a war hero.' Trump 'dropped to the single digits' on Sunday, according to a Langer press release.

McCain endured more than five years of torture and botched surgeries after North Vietnamese soldiers captured him following the crash of his Navy jet. The son of a Navy adminral, he refused to divulge American military secrets or sign a 'confession,' and declined a chance to go home early because he would have had to leave his comrades behind. 'He was a war hero because he was captured,' Trump said in Ames, Iowa on Saturday. 'I like people who weren't captured.'

A poll released earlier on Monday, from the Monmouth University Polling Institute, suggested that Trump's incendiary rhetoric hadn't hurt him at all. In that poll, likely GOP primary voters rated Trump just as favorably on Thursday and Friday as they did on Saturday and Sunday.

But the ABC/Post survey found the opposite was true by the time the news had traveled around the world and found its home on Sunday morning's political television shows. Sunday newspapers and endless cable news coverage.  The candidate said in a statement on Monday that 'people are tired of incompetent leaders and being pushed around at will by other nations, our enemies, and even our friends.' 'Politicians have completely failed the American people. We owe $18 trillion dollars, have porous and dangerous borders, and can't even take proper care of our magnificent Veterans.'

source: DailyMail

"Donald Trump For President oder die fleischgewordene Zwangsjacke fusioniert mit der Nacht der lebenden Haarkatastrophen" | 90cm x 188cm [alt. 25cm x 55cm] Serienedition 1/20 verkauft

"Das Denkmal für den Polizeichef würde ihm sehr gefallen, wenn es nicht so wäre, wie es ist"

Format: 100cm x 140cm

[alt. 60cm x 40cm] | Serienedition 1/20 verkauft

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"Die Trennung von dem Schwein war zuviel für den Frosch" | Format: 100cm x 170cm | Serienedition


The Muppets stars become the latest celebrities to disclose the end of their relationship

Terrible news for fans of Hollywood true love: Miss Piggy and Kermit, arguably the most celebrated couple of stage and screen, have announced the end of their romantic relationship.

Miss Piggy, of uncertain age but very definite youth, posted a statement on her social media accounts in which she said that their personal lives are now "distinct and separate"

Speaking at a press conference in Beverly Hills on Monday to promote the new-look Muppet show which will run on ABC later this year, Kermit admitted the split has been tough for both he and Miss Piggy.

"People change. So do frogs and pigs. ... We were together for a long, long time and it's personal," Kermit said.

Kermit also acknowledged starting a new relationship with another pig, a woman named Denise who works in ABC Marketing.

While Miss Piggy also appeared at the event, she did not join Kermit for the one-on-one video interviews that followed, leaving her ex carrying the whole promotional load for the new series, which will go behind-the-scenes of another series, "Up Late with Miss Piggy."

Distraught fans found this break-up particularly difficult to process.

"Truly the only celebrity marriage that I care about and now it's over. This one really hurts," wrote one fan on Facebook.

Others offered counsel to their porcine icon. "Piggy, please... Take a moment and really listen to your heart. Can you really imagine a life without Kermit? Isn't he the frog of frogs for you? Hasn't he always been? If the both of you split up, what is there left to believe in?"

Other fans were quick to try their luck. One asked whether Kermit was now up for grabs, while another asked simply: "Are you open to dating married men?"

source: the telegraph

Sacramento, California: Richard Trenton Chase: This maniac became known as the Vampire Killer of Sacramento after a four day blood binge in January, 1978, in which he claimed six lives. Previously he had tried to inject rabbit's blood into his veins and had been institutionalized for exhibiting such strange behavior that merited the nickname "Dracula" within the hospital staff. In the hospital he complained that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery and that his head kept changing shape. Rich thought that his blood was turning into powder and that a Nazi crime syndicate that was haunting him from high school was paying his mother money to poison him. So he did what any other red-blooded American would do under such duress. He became a vampire.

A typically "disorganized" killer, Chase picked his victims randomly and left as much evidence as he could around his home and the crime scene. He drained his victim's blood, blended it with body organs and drank it to stop his own blood from turning into powder. He also took some body parts of his victims home to munch on later. It's seems that Ritchie should have never been taken off medication.

Chase moved into another apartment and began to catch and torture cats, dogs, and rabbits. He killed them to drink their blood. Sometimes he stole neighborhood pets, and he once even called a family whose dog was missing to tell them what he had done to the animal. He bought guns and started to practice with them.

Although he was on psychiatric medication, he remained unsupervised. His mother weaned him from the medications herself, deciding that he did not really need them. In 1977, the court-awarded conservatorship expired, and his parents did nothing to renew it, leaving Chase on his own.

One day he paid his mother a visit. She heard a loud noise and opened the door to see her son holding a dead cat. He threw the animal to the ground and tore it open, smearing the blood all over his face and neck. His mother failed to act and never reported the incident.

On August 3 that same year, police officers found Chase?s Ford Ranchero stuck in sand near Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Two rifles lay on the seat, along with a pile of men?s clothing. Blood smears on the inside and a blood-filled white plastic bucket containing a liver made them suspicious. When they spotted Chase through binoculars, he was nude and covered in blood. He saw them and ran, but they caught up with him and took him back to his pick-up. He claimed that the blood was his. It had ?seeped out? of him. The liver, it turned out, was from a cow.

Chase soon became a fan of the Hillside Strangler, operating not far away, and he avidly read the newspaper articles about the killings. He had guns, he had a fear of other people, and he had no sense of boundaries-a lethal combination even without his weird blood fantasies.

FBI agent Robert Ressler once asked Chase how he selected his victims. He said that he went down the streets testing doors to find one that was unlocked. ?If the door was locked,? he said, ?That means you?re not welcome.?

Apparently he found the door at the Wallin home unlocked. He encountered Teresa Wallin, 22 and three months pregnant. Before entering, Chase deposited a .22-caliber bullet in the mailbox. He opened the door and ran into Terry as she was taking out the garbage. She dropped the bag as he raised his pistol and shot her twice. One bullet entered her palm, held up defensively, and traveled up her arm to exit out her elbow and nick her neck. The other went through the top part of her skull. She fell and Chase then knelt over her prostrate body, firing another bullet into her temple. His next move was to drag her into the bedroom, leaving a trail of blood behind.


He then retrieved a knife from the kitchen and an empty yogurt container from the trash bag that Terry had been carrying. Her sweater was pulled up over her breasts and her pants and underwear down around her ankles. Her knees were splayed open in the position of a sexual assault. Her left nipple was carved off, her torso cut open below the sternum, and her spleen and intestines pulled out. Chase had stabbed her repeatedly in the lung, liver, diaphragm, and left breast. He also had cut out her kidneys and severed her pancreas in two. He placed the kidneys together back inside her.


There was blood in the bathroom and it was later learned that Chase had smeared Terry?s blood all over his face and hands, licking it off his fingers. The discarded yogurt container near her body was also bloodstained, as if he had used it to drink her blood. His most heinous act, however, was to stuff animal feces into her mouth. There were odd rings of blood around the body, as if someone had placed a bucket there.


Two days later, a puppy was found killed and mutilated not far from the Wallin home. A strange man with stringy hair and driving a Ranchero had bought two puppies from the family with seemingly no concern whether he got males or females, and then they found one of the other puppies from the litter dead.


On January 27th, Evelyn Miroth, 38, was baby-sitting her twenty-month old nephew in her home, one mile from the Wallin residence. Her 51-year-old friend, Dan Meredith, came over. Evelyn was about to send her son Jason, 6, to a friend?s house and when Jason failed to arrive, the friend sent her daughter over to check. The little girl saw movement inside from the front window, and then turned around to report that no one had answered the door. Neighbors grew worried and one finally entered the house and saw what had happened that morning.


Danny Meredith lay in the hallway in a pool of blood. The deputy who checked him saw a gunshot wound on his head, and then saw blood in the bathroom, and what looked like bloody water in the tub. Then he found Evelyn lying naked on the bed in her bedroom, her legs splayed open. She had a gunshot wound to the head, and her abdomen had been cut open and her intestines pulled out. Two carving knives, stained red, lay nearby. It appeared that she had been taking a bath when surprised by her killer, and then dragged to the bed. He sodomized her, stabbed her through the anus into her uterus at least six times, made several slices across her neck, and tried to cut out an eye. Bloody ringlets on the carpet indicated that he had once again used some kind of container to collect blood. He stabbed several internal organs as well, which the coroner later noted would facilitate getting at blood in the abdomen. Inside Evelyn?s rectum was a large amount of semen.


On the other side of the bed, police officers discovered the body of a boy, who turned out to be Jason. He had been shot twice in the head at close range.


The intruder had left bloody footprints behind which resembled the shoe marks found at the Wallin murder scene. Then they located an eleven year-old girl in the neighborhood who described a man near the victims? residence around eleven o?clock. She described him in his early twenties. He fit the description of a man seen repeatedly in that area walking around asking people for magazines. Dan Meredith?s red station wagon was missing from the front of the house where neighbors had seen it parked that morning.


Then Karen Ferreira arrived, seeking the whereabouts of her son, David, left with her sister-in-law, Evelyn, that morning. No one had seen him, but a bullet hole was discovered in the pillow that had been in a crib. There was a lot of blood.


It later turned out that Chase had drank Evelyn?s blood and had mutilated the baby?s body in the bathroom, opening the head and spilling pieces of the brain into the tub. A knock on the door must have interrupted him and he had fled with the body. As police looked for him, he took the baby to his home and severed the head. He removed several organs and consumed them.


It seemed to Chase that he would get away with this brutal series of murders, but he did not realize how quickly the police were closing in.


Detectives apprehended him, but not without a mighty struggle on his part. They noticed he was wearing an orange parka that had dark stains on it and his shoes appeared to be covered in blood. A .22 semiautomatic handgun was taken from him, which also had bloodstains on it. Then they found Dan Meredith?s wallet in Chase?s back pocket, along with a pair of latex gloves.


The contents of the box he was carrying also proved interesting: pieces of bloodstained paper and rags. They took him to the police station and tried to get him to confess. He admitted to killing several dogs but stubbornly resisted talking about the murders. While he was in custody, detectives searched his apartment in hopes of finding a clue about the missing baby.


What they found in the putrid-smelling place was disgusting. Nearly everything was bloodstained, including food and drinking glasses. In the kitchen, they found several small pieces of bone, and some dishes in the refrigerator with body parts. One container held human brain tissue. An electric blender was badly stained and smelled of rot. There were three pet collars but no animals to be found. Photographic overlays on human organs from a science book lay on a table, along with newspapers on which ads selling dogs were circled. A calendar showed the inscription ?Today? on the dates of the Wallin and Miroth murders, and chillingly, the same word was written on forty-four more dates yet to come during that year.


At one point, Chase admitted to another inmate that he had drunk the blood of his victims because he had blood poisoning. He needed blood and he had grown tired of hunting and killing animals.


Finally, the baby was found. On March 24th, a church janitor came upon a box containing the remains of a male baby. He called the police. When they arrived, they recognized the clothing. It was the missing boy from the Miroth home. The baby had been decapitated and the head lay underneath the torso, which was partially mummified. A hole in the center of the head indicated the child had been shot. There were several other stab wounds to the body and several ribs were broken. Beneath the body, too, was a ring of keys that fit Dan Meredith?s now-impounded car.


The lead prosecutor for the case of California v. Richard Trenton Chase was Ronald W. Tochterman. He intended to seek the death penalty.


El Scorcho Artist Richard Chase Killer

"Blood In A Blender |       100cm x 195cm | Unikat

The defense entered a plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, but Tochterman was determined to show that he knew the difference between right and wrong and that he was not compelled to murder. Part of his strategy included boning up on the legends of Dracula. He also read about blood-related crimes and blood rituals in various cultures, noting that some people believed that ingesting another person?s blood would strengthen or heal them. He wanted to show that while this might be a belief, it was not a viable reason for murder.


A change of venue was requested, given the local notoriety of the case, and the trial was moved one hundred twenty miles south to Santa Clara County. By the time it was all over, a dozen psychiatrists had examined Chase. He admitted to one that he was disturbed about killing his victims and he was afraid they might come for him from the dead. There was no evidence in his admissions that he had ever felt compelled. He simply thought the blood was therapeutic. One psychiatrist found him to be an antisocial personality, not schizophrenic. His thought processes were not disrupted, and he was aware of what he had done and that it was wrong.


On January 2, 1979, the trial began. Chase was charged with six counts of murder. The prosecutor emphasized throughout the trial that Chase had had a choice, and mentioned several times that he had brought rubber gloves with him to the victims? homes with the intent of murder. Altogether, there were 250 prosecution exhibits, the strongest of which were Chase?s gun and Dan Meredith?s wallet, found in Chase?s pocket.


Chase then took the stand in his own defense. He looked awful, having dropped in weight to 107 pounds. His eyes were sunken and lusterless. He claimed to have been semi-conscious during the Wallin murder and he described in detail the way he had been mistreated much of his life. He admitted to drinking Wallin?s blood. He did not recall much about the second series of murders, but knew that he had shot the baby in the head and decapitated it, leaving it in a bucket in the hope of getting more of its blood. He thought the baby was something else, but did not elaborate. He thought that his problems stemmed from his inability to have sex with girls as a teenager and he said he was sorry for the killings.


The defense asked for a verdict of second degree murder, to spare Chase the death penalty, since he was clearly insane and had never been given proper help. Tochterman argued that he was a sexual sadist, a monster who knew what he was doing and who could not be salvaged. On May 8, 1978, after five hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of six counts of first degree murder.


During the sanity phase, the jury found Chase legally sane after deliberating an hour. It took them four hours to decide that Chase should die in the gas chamber at San Quentin Penitentiary.

The FBI Interview


While interviewing killers all over the country to add information about criminal psychology to their database, FBI profilers visited Richard Chase and learned about some of his oddities. Robert Ressler recounts his encounter in a book, Whoever Fights Monsters. He describes how Chase had believed in 1976 that his blood was turning to powder and that he thus needed blood from other creatures to replenish it. Nevertheless, the psychiatrists had released him, despite protests from some of the staff that he was dangerous.


From the time he was arrested in Nevada in August, 1977, until the murders began in December paints a clear picture of a deteriorating mind. It was after that that he killed his mother's cat and bought two dogs to kill. He also tormented a neighborhood family about their missing dog. He then collected articles on the Hillside Strangler. Then, in December, he acquired his gun. After the Griffin killing, he bought a newspaper and kept an editorial page about the senseless nature of that shooting. Then he bought more ammunition. He also set a fire in his neighbors' garage to drive them from the neighborhood because their music annoyed him.


He told a psychiatrist that the first killing had happened after his mother would not allow him to visit for Christmas. He was just shooting his gun out the window of his car. That he had fired shots at other houses indicated it was not altogether an accident. Chase told the FBI profilers that he had killed to preserve his own life and he was developing an appeal based on that. He mentioned soap-dish poisoning. Ressler asked him what that was and he explained that everyone has a soap dish. If you lift the soap and find that underneath it is dry, you're all right. If it's gooey, you have the poisoning, which turns your blood to powder. The powder then depletes your energy and eats away at your body.


Chase also said that he was Jewish-which he was not-and that he'd been persecuted by Nazis because he had a Star of David on his forehead-which he didn't. He explained that the Nazis were connected to UFOs which had telepathically commanded him to kill to replenish his blood. These UFOs followed him around and the FBI should be able to pinpoint them by putting a radar on him. He then shoved a cup at Ressler filled with part of a macaroni and cheese dinner. He wanted it analyzed for poison.


Ressler learned that the other inmates taunted Chase and urged him to kill himself. They did not want him near them. Ressler, along with the prison mental health professionals, felt he ought to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital. Although he was sent to one for a short time, he soon returned to San Quentin.



A Vampire's Demise


On the day after Christmas in 1980, one day short of the third anniversary of the killing spree, the guard looked in on Richard Chase. The condemned man was lying on his back in his bunk, breathing normally. He did not return the guard's greeting, which was not unusual. At 11:05, the same guard looked into the cell again. Chase was on his stomach, both legs extended off his bunk, and his feet were on the floor. His head was against the mattress and his arms extended toward the pillow. The guard called out to Chase, who failed to move. He went in and pulled Chase off the bed. It was clear to him that the "Vampire of Sacramento", aka, "Dracula," was dead.


K. P. Holmes, the coroner, was called. He searched the cell and located a strange suicide note about taking some pills. Chase had been taking a daily dose of Sinequan for hallucinations and depression, which came to his cell in a package of three pills. Apparently he had hoarded the pills and then overdosed. The cause of his death was toxic ingestion. His heart was found to be normal and in good shape, despite his life-long concerns. The prison psychiatrist noted that Chase had been psychotic since the time he had entered the prison, but no one much bothered about the nature of his bizarre obsession with blood.


source: murderpedia


Hemorroids On Steroids | 98cm x 98cm | Serienedition 1/30

odd art El Scorcho Artist Frank Olson
El Scorcho, Artist on sex and crime
El Scorcho Artist LSD 25 Painting

The sons of Dr Frank Olson claim that their father was murdered in 1953 after he discovered that his biological research was being used to torture and kill suspects in Norway and West Germany.

After raising concerns about the killings, Dr Olson was allegedly given LSD in a glass of brandy and then executed by the CIA, triggering what his family claims is "a multi-decade cover-up that continues to this day".

The scientist began working with the spy agency in the 1950s and focused on biological weapons that could be transmitted through the air.

According to the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Washington DC, he traveled to research sites in Norway, France and West Germany as well as Porton Down, a British government facility in Wiltshire.

During his travels in Europe he "witnessed extreme interrogations in which the CIA committed murder using biological agents that Dr Olson had developed".

The lawsuit gives no details about the reported deaths in Europe and the Ministry of Defence would not comment on Dr Olson's activities in Britain.

A MoD spokesman said that Porton Down had been used to develop countermeasures to biological weapons and "part of this work included ongoing collaboration with our international allies, including the US".

Dr Olson was apparently shaken by what he had seen and returned to the US resigned to resolve from the agency. On November 19, 1953 he was taken to a secret meeting Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, where he was given LSD hidden in a glass of brandy.

Days later he was brought to New York for "psychiatric treatment" by CIA officials who allegedly told his family that he had become unstable and violent.

At 2.30am on November 28, Dr Olson went through the window of the Statler Hotel's room 1018a, which he was allegedly sharing with a CIA doctor, and died in the street below.

The CIA initially claimed his death was an accident but in the 1970s, as its activities were investigated in the wake of the Watergate scandal, it admitted that he had been drugged and said that his death was a suicide.

Dr Olson's family was paid a settlement and invited to the White House by President Gerald Ford, who apologised for the government's concealment of the drugging.

However, the family remained unsatisfied with the government's account and in 1996 exhumed Dr Olson's body and claimed to have found evidence of a blow to the head suffered before his fall.

Prosecutors in New York re-opened an investigation and although they were unable to turn up new evidence decided to change Dr Olson's cause of death from "suicide" to "unknown".

The family are now suing the government, claiming that the CIA is continuing to conceal files relating to their father's death.

“The evidence shows that our father was killed in their custody. They have lied to us ever since, withholding documents and information, and changing their story when convenient," said Eric Olson.

A CIA spokeswoman said that its covert programmes of the 1950s had been "thoroughly investigated" and that "tens of thousands of pages related to the program have been declassified and released to the public.”

source: the telegraph

El Scorcho On Green Guys
El Scorcho, Artist on death and sex
El Scorcho painting artist sex death
El scorcho artist painting lsd 25 olson frank

Zoom II [click to enlarge]

[1] The CIA’s LSD experiment ended my father’s life and profoundly distorted my own. Even before I knew that LSD and the CIA were involved in producing these effects I had already begun a research program to counteract them. I was looking for a formative psychological technique that could exert a force opposite to the deformative one I could feel but whose source I could not yet locate and name—a sort of antitoxin for psychic trauma. I discovered such a technique in what I came to call “the collage method.”*

    A medium whose essence is the overlapping of images, collage is literally based upon the logic of the coverup. In collage, however, this logic works not as a technique for blocking thought, but rather as a model of the mind’s fundamental process of representation and symbolization.


El Scorcho Artist painting about cia death

Zoom V [click to enlarge]

[2] The story of this other research program functions as a psychological counterplot in the book I am writing. It crisscrosses the CIA plot in surprising and often ironic ways. In the course of my own search the collage method served several functions. I employed it as a detective's microscope in the search for a solution to the mystery of my father’s death, and as an open system for symbolic development, a psychological incubator that represented the converse of the CIA’s closed system of manipulative mind-control experiments. Having come to this technique largely in response to the trauma of my father's death, I think of the collage method as a serum extracted from a disease.

    My book seeks to provide a bridge between an horrendous, shattering episode and a vision that transcends it. The aim is to move beyond both CIA scandal and personal trauma by making a contribution to historical consciousness and to psychological theory and clinical method. Collage figures centrally in this aspiration because this medium comprises a membrane between collective and individual representations, and between mind-control (enslavement to static images or to a pre-programmed, fixed code) and mental freedom (the capacity for continuous symbolization and psychic re-creation).

source: the frank olson legacy project

El scorcho artist painter death sex art
El scorcho artist painter painting death sex cia

Zoom VII [click to enlarge]


1] On Nov. 28, 1953, Frank Olson, a bland, seemingly innocuous 42-year-old government scientist, plunged to his death from room 1018A in New York’s Statler Hotel, landing on a Seventh Avenue sidewalk just opposite Penn Station.

Olson’s ignominious end was written off as an unremarkable suicide of a depressed government bureaucrat who came to New York City seeking psychiatric treatment, so it attracted scant attention at the time.

But 22 years later, the Rockefeller Commission report was released, detailing a litany of domestic abuses committed by the CIA. The ugly truth emerged: Olson’s death was the result of his having been surreptitiously dosed with LSD days earlier by his colleagues.

The shocking disclosure led to President Gerald Ford’s apology to Olson’s widow and his three children, who accepted a $750,000 civil payment for his wrongful death.

But the belated 1975 mea culpa failed to close a tawdry chapter of our nation’s past. Instead it generated more interest into a series of wildly implausible “mind control” experiments on an unsuspecting populace over three decades.

Much of this plot unfolded here, in New York, according to H.P. Albarelli Jr., author of “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments.”

“For me, in countless ways the Olson story is a New York City story,” said Albarelli, a former lawyer in the Carter White House, who has written extensively about biological warfare and intelligence matters. “The CIA itself was created and initially composed of wealthy men who came from Wall Street and New York City law firms.”

Olson was a research scientist assigned to the CIA’s Special Operations Division, at Ft. Detrick, Md., who was performing top secret research relating to LSD-25, a powerful new drug whose properties were barely understood. Could psychedelic drugs be used to get enemy combatants to lay down their arms, or work as a truth serum on reluctant prisoners?

Albarelli spent more than a decade sifting through more than 100,000 pages of government documents and his most startling chestnut might be his claim that the intelligence community conducted aerosol tests of LSD inside the New York City subway system.

Zoom  VI [click to enlarge]

3] Albarelli also introduces us to George Hunter White — a ne’er-do-well agent for the Bureau of Narcotics, a forerunner to the current Drug Enforcement Administration, he was on “special contract” with the CIA.

It was White, Olson’s colleague Eigelsbach contends, who was behind the November 1950 New York City subway test — as well as a second test two years later, Albarelli claims.

“George White in 1952 did release a small amount of aerosol LSD in a subway car. He was pleased with the results as indicated in his diary, but his reports on the incident were destroyed by the CIA in 1973,” he says.

But with the CIA’s most important records on such matters destroyed or cloaked in national security claims, it remains difficult to prove whether these purported subway tests occurred.

Still, Albarelli’s portrait of White — a gruff, chain-smoking, gin-swilling reprobate with an occasional fondness for opium, hookers and Mafiosi drug-dealers — makes it apparent that if anyone could have tested LSD on an unsuspecting public, it would be him.

White had set up a CIA safe house at 81 Bedford Street, in Greenwich Village, comprised of two apartments conjoined with a hidden two-way mirror and doorway. Posing as a seaman or artist, he would regularly recruit strangers for social gatherings there, where they would be plied with psychedelic drugs, often without their knowledge. The aim was to see if White could successfully extract information from them and to assess those results, according to one CIA document.

In between home experimenting, White was well known as a carouser. The safe house was down the block from Chumley’s, a former speakeasy and now defunct bar, where White once took James Jesus Angleton, the former CIA head.

The good news for people of New York, was when they stumbled out of Chumley’s, it was a short walk home — and they didn’t need to ride the subway to get there.

source: the new yorkpost

2] “The experiment was pretty shocking — shocking that the CIA and the Army would release LSD like that, among innocent unwitting folks,” Albarelli told The Post. A declassified FBI report from the Baltimore field office dated Aug. 25, 1950 provides some tantalizing support for the claim. “The BW [biological weapon] experiments to be conducted by representatives of the Department of the Army in the New York Subway System in September 1950, have been indefinitely postponed,” states the memo, a copy of which the author provided to The Post.

An Olson colleague, Dr. Henry Eigelsbach, confirmed to Albarelli that the LSD subway test did, in fact, occur in November 1950, albeit on a smaller scale than first planned. Little, however, is known about the test — what line, how many people and what happened.

The purported experiment occurred nearly a year before a more infamous August 1951 incident in the small town of Pont St. Esprit, in the south of France, when the citizens were hit by a case of mass insanity.

Over a two-day period, some 250 residents sought hospital care after hallucinating for no apparent reason. Thirty-two patients were hauled off to mental asylums. Four died. Mercury poisoning or ergot, a fungus of rye bread, was cited as the culprit. But ergot is also one of the central ingredient of LSD. And curiously enough, Olson and his government pals were in France when the craziness erupted.

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"The Man Who Fell 13 Stories"

Format: 100cm x 380cm | Unikat

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Zoom IV [click to enlarge]

el scorcho the fuehrer is ill and sick and dead


“Suicide is man's way of telling God, 'You can't fire me - I quit!”

Bill Maher

El Scorcho Artist Art Band

"Der Bi-Polarexpress" | 90cm x 250cm | Unikat z.Zt. vermietet [click to enlarge]

Zwei Themen - ein Bild:

1) Der Polarexpress ist ein computeranimierter Kinderfilm des Regisseurs Robert Zemeckis aus dem Jahr 2004.

2) Suizidalitität

Affektive Erkrankungen haben innerhalb der verschiedenen psychiatrischen Diagnosegruppen die höchste Suizidrate. Die meisten Untersuchungen zeigen ein etwas höheres Risiko für unipolare als für bipolare Erkrankungen, jedoch eine besondere Gefährdung solcher Patienten, die initial „falsch“ als unipolar diagnostiziert wurden und erst später durch das Auftreten einer manischen oder hypomanischen Episode als „bipolar“ reklassifiziert wurden. Das Lebenszeitrisiko für Suizid bei bipolaren Erkrankungen liegt bei bis zu 15% und ist damit im Vergleich zur Gesamtbevölkerung 15-30fach erhöht. Untersuchungen zeigen, daß viele Patienten in der Zeit vor einem Suizid noch ärztlichen Kontakt haben, jedoch nicht immer von ihren Suizidgedanken berichten oder diese sogar ausdrücklich verneinen. Suizid ist eine der häufigsten Todesursachen bipolarer Patienten . Eine adäquate Identifikation und Behandlung von Risikofaktoren für Suizidalitität gehört daher zu den wichtigsten Aufgaben einer umfassenden Therapie.

Spezielle Risikofaktoren

Bipolare Erkrankungen mit komorbiden Angst- und Suchterkrankungen, Persönlichkeitsstörungen, Schlafstörungen und psychotischen Symptomen scheinen mit einem erhöhten Suizidrisiko behaftet zu sein (Neves , 2009). Tendenziell zeigen sich bei Bipolar Typ II-Verläufen noch häufiger Suizidversuche als bei „klassischen“ Typ I –Verläufen. Interessanterweise bestehen in den gemäßigten Breiten auch jahreszeitliche Schwankungen, mit einem Gipfel im Frühling und Frühsommer, und einem zweiten, kleineren Gipfel im Herbst. Das Risiko ist höher in den ersten Jahren nach Erkrankungsbeginn und während depressiver und gemischter Phasen. Als besonders kritische Zeitstrecke wird auch die Periode zwischen der ersten, partiellen Remission depressiver Symptome und der vollen Genesung nach einer depressiven Phase gewertet.

Quelle: Forum Bipolar Österreich

"Hell looks a lot like L.A. so Chinaski is heading downtown" | Holzleuchtkasten | Diabild |

LED Lampe 750lm | Acryl auf Holz |100cm x 170cm x12cm | Unikat

odd art Trump Donald Artist Painting Cartoon El Scorcho

1) "I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

2) “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bring crime. They’re rapists… And some, I assume, are good people.”

3) “Our great African-American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore.”

4) “If I were running ‘The View’, I’d fire Rosie O’Donnell. I mean, I’d look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers, I’d say ‘Rosie, you’re fired.’”

5) “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

6) “One of they key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

7) “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”

8) “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!”

9) “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

10) "My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure; it's not your fault."


El Scorcho on police  brutality
El Scorcho State Of Emergency

Zoom  I  [click to enlarge]


El Scorcho´s Death Cult

"Dead Bodies Below The Floor" | 100 x 180cm | Unikat | z.Zt. vermietet


El Scorcho´s Bilder handeln vom Weltuntergang und wie man ihn beschleunigen kann. Es geht um kaputte Typen, die alles geben, um nichts zu erreichen.    Dieses läßt sich besonders in den Zyklen "Null" und "Eins" beobachten.


Zyklus Null:    Rise Of The Space Cadets/Party At Ground Zero

Zyklus Eins:   Der Planet der lebenden Kotze

Zyklus III:     Weltuntergangsplan "A" und "B"

Der  Zyklus "III" beinhaltet  wahnhafte Ängste, gemalt in düsteren Hintergründen und missgestalteten Figuren. Psychosen, umgesetzt in partiell leuchtenden Farben. Alle Bilder im Zyklus III beruhen auf tatsächlichen Verbrechen und wurden sorgfältig recherchiert und mit entsprechenden Quellenangaben versehen. Der Weltuntergangsplan "A" und "B" läßt sich am besten an zwei von Scorcho´s Bildern ergründen.

[1] Hintergrundanalyse Zyklus III anhand des Bildes::

"Weird Ed And The Plain Of Ghulfield"


Odd art Ed Gein Psycho Killer

[1] „Weird Ed And The Plain Of Ghulfield“ | Format: 95cm x 170cm | Unikat

Kaum jemand, der nicht <<Psycho>> (Robert Bloch 1959) oder <<Das Schweigen der Lämmer<< (Thomas Harris 1988) kennt. Genre-Spezialisten können auch noch was mit dem Film <<Das Texas Kettensägen Massaker>> von Tobe Hooper aus dem 1974 anfangen.

Doch die Figur, die all diesen Büchern und Filmen zugrunde liegt, kennen die wenigsten: Ed Gein - einem nekrophilen Frauenmörder mit transsexuellen Tendenzen und einer grotesken Neigung zum Schneidern von allerlei Zeugs aus menschlicher Haut.

Ed Gein war auch Inspiration für verschiedene Songs: z.B. für "Ed Gein for President" der belgischen Grindcore-Gruppe Hybrid Viscery, "Gein" von Ry Legit, "Dead Skin Mask" von Slayer, "Nothing to Gein" von Mudvayne, "Old Mean Ed Gein" von The Fibonaccis, "Jessica" von Dir En Grey, "Nipple Belt" von Tad, "Skinned" von Blind Melon oder "Lotion" von Greenskeepers

El Scorcho hat die >>Psycho<<-Verfilmung von Hitchcock im Alter von 12 Jahren gesehen und war sofort von der Möglichkeit überwältigt, von den eigenen Halluzinationen "fremdgesteuert" zu werden.

Während in den späten 50ern Ed Gein mit all seinen morbiden Taten Schlagzeilen machte und damit eine ganze Generation von Musikern, Filmemachern und Autoren inspirierte, interessierten Scorcho von Anfang an nicht die "Suppentassen aus menschlichen Schädeln", die "neun Masken aus menschlicher Haut", die "Kette aus menschlichen Zungen" oder der Gürtel aus Brustnippeln, sondern was Angststörungen in einem Menschen auslösen- und wie schließlich Halluzinationen in Morde münden können.

Ed Gein war davon überzeugt, daß seine tote Mutter zu ihm sprach und schon bald war er auf einer Mission: die alte Dame wieder aus dem Jenseits zu holen.

Er studierte die lokalen Todesanzeigen und grub anschließend immer die "frischesten" Leichen aus. Es war für ihn kausal schlüssig, durch den Kontakt mit den sterblichen Überresten, den Kontakt zum Totenreich herstellen zu können.

[2] Hintergrundanalyse Zyklus III anhand des Bildes:

"Michael Owen Perry And The Tree-Destroying-Softkill-System"

odd art serial killer maniac el scorcho painter

[2] "Michael Owen Perry And The Tree-Destroying-Softkill-System"

Format: 85 x 157cm | Unikat | z.Zt. vermietet [click to enlarge]

Ein junger Mann sitzt vor einem Fernseher. Das Gerät ist auf keinen Kanal eingestellt ... nur statisches Rauschen.   Michael Owen Perry  empfängt geheime Botschaften aus dem  TV.  Er soll die Popsängerin Olivia Newton John töten.  Viele Stimmen sprechen  jetzt zu ihm.  Die Eltern des shizophrenen Teenagers sind über das Wochenende in die Berge gefahren. Michael geht in den Garten seiner Eltern und fällt dort alle Bäume, um einen besseren Empfang für die Stimmen aus dem Fernseher zu haben.

Vier Jahre später, am 17. Juli 1983, wird er seine Mutter, seinen Vater, zwei Cousins sowie seinen Neffen töten. Man wird Michael Owen Perry in einem Motelzimmer in Washington D.C. verhaften. Neun Fernseher wird man dort finden. ... Und alle werden sie auf statisches Rauschen eingestellt sein.

Scorcho hat aus diesem Fall das Bild "Michael Owen Perry And The Tree-Destroying-Softkill-System" gemacht. Es geht Scorcho nicht einfach nur darum, extrem düstere Gemälde zu gestalten, sondern  vielmehr eine eigene Theorie zu einem Thema aufzubauen, daß den Maler seit  über  einem Vierteljahrhundert beschäftigt: Menschen nämlich, die fremdbestimmt töten - zur Not sich selbst. Dies kann aus diversen Gründen geschehen:

- eine entsprechende genetische Disposition [wie etwa Shizophrenie]

- die Einnahme psychoaktiver Substanzen [Lsd-25, Pot, Psilocybin o.ä.]

- die freiwillige oder unfreiwillige Teilnahme an Experimenten zur Gedanken-

  kontrolle [wie das Projekt MK-Ultra, Operation Bluebird, MK-Naomi, Projekt 

  Artischocke o.ä.]

- eine dissoziale oder antisoziale Persönlichkeitsstörung [diese ist geprägt von einer Neigung zu   aggressivem Verhalten und zu Gewalttätigkeit. Betroffene Menschen geraten daher häufig mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt, weil sie soziale Normen missachten und verantwortungslos handeln. Dissoziale Persönlichkeiten sind schnell reizbar, impulsiv, haben eine geringe Frustrationstoleranz und eine Teilgruppe der Betroffenen hat kein Einfühlungsvermögen].

- oder eine Mischung aus allen vier Varianten


   El Scorcho´s Bildkompositionen sind ein phantastischer Mix aus Zerstörung und Ironie.  Noch nie zuvor wurden Halluzinationen von Mördern, Sektenführern und Attentätern so bedrohlich- und gleichzeitig so  faszinierend dargestellt.

El Scorcho, Jahrgang 1973,  arbeitet als      freiberuflicher Maler und Grafiker.  Seit frühester Kindheit ist Scorcho immer wieder zu Besuch bei seinen Verwandten in Kalifornien. Alle seine Werke sind stark von hispanischen Einflüssen geprägt; zwischen San Diego, Long Beach und Sacramento macht er seine Erfahrungen mit der damals zeitgenössischen Low Brow Art und kalifornischen Comic Kunst.

Er  wurde im ersten Quartal 2016  in den BBK [Bundesverband bildender Künstler] aufgenommen.

Mehr Informationen über den Maler oben im Menü unter der Rubrik: Der große Bonobonator.

Alle Preise der Bilder nur auf Anfrage

Bilder können auch gemietet  werden.           



odd art killing of polar bearsel scorcho artist save polar bears

"Killdozer" 100cm x 174cm | Unikat | verkauft

Blood Scorcho
Jesus, Aldebaran,religion, nazi, terror, el scorcho artist


Dr. Hermann Oberth who pioneered rocket design for the German Reich during World War II and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches, cryptically stated: "We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped."


When asked by whom, he replied: "The people of other worlds."


Oberth's fellow associate space pioneer, who also served the Third Reich, Wernher Von Braun, echoed similar knowledge of the extra-terrestrial reality when he stated in 1959, "We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter. "


[From "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good, William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1988.]


Hans Oberth and Von Braun both referred to "The people of other worlds"


Just who were "the people of other worlds" that Dr. Oberth spoke of so blithely?


And were both of these esteemed German scientists making oblique reference to one of UFOlogy's most pervasive and tantalizing 'myths'- the alleged link between the Third Reich of pre-World War II Germany and… EXTRATERRESTRIALS?


Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Following military defeat of the First World War, certain occult secret societies emerged in Germany intent upon discovering clues to the existence of ancient lost civilizations that once flourished on this planet; civilizations that reportedly possessed remarkable, almost magical technologies that allowed them mastery of the seas and the skies and even inter-stellar space travel.


Inspiration to rediscover such technologies were to be found in a novel published in 1871 by Rosicrucian author Edward Bulwer-Lytton, entitled, "THE COMING RACE".


Lytton tells the tale of an intrepid explorer who discovers an advanced race of humans living within a vast subterranean world who call themselves "Vril-ya". These beings had formerly been surface dwellers until a global catastrophe not unlike the Old Testament flood, forced them to take refuge deep in the Earth.

source: Jim  Nichols

odd art jesus tole my pickup truck, el scorcho artist

"Jesus Stole My Pickup Truck/Attack On Aldebaran"

100 x 190cm | Unikat | verkauft

The Fly Trash Movie

"CountryClub/Off Limits" 98cm x 114cm | Unikat

"Gwohrzgommbel" | 98cm x 98cm | Serienedition 1/30

weird art of  el scorcho artist


north korea dictator

Kim Jong-il ordered the kidnapping of South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his ex-wife, South Korean actress Choi Eun-hee, while they were in Hong Kong. The plan was for Shin to make propoganda films, and for Choi to star as his leading lady. Eventually, they both managed to escape, but it took them eight years to find an opportunity. In the meantime, they made seven North Korean films. The most famous of these was Pulgasari, a "North Korean Godzilla" that has since become a cult classic.

"Jingyang in Pjöngjang Vol. I" | 30cm x 40cm | 350lm LED Holzleuchtkasten | Serienedition

z.Zt. vermietet

odd art Kim Jong-Un Godzilla

El Scorcho at the Filmfest Weiterstadt

"Fucked Up Beyond Infinity"

750lm LED Holzleuchtkasten

Mischtechnik: Acryl | Holz | Dia

60cm x 90cm

El Scorcho Band Of Death Cult


In his first 23 years, John Linley Frazier was a fairly normal guy. Like Charles Manson, Frazier was driven by apocalyptic visions. Unlike Manson, who had an irregular childhood, Fraziers life was regular. He dropped out of high school, and took a trade as an auto mechanic in Santa Cruz, California. His wife described him as a beautiful person.

Sometime in the spring of 1970, Frazier started taking drugs, and his marriage broke up. He started living the life of the counterculture, and took up an interest in Ecology. Even quitting his mechanic job, telling his boss he refused to "contribute to the death cycle of the planet." After this, he took off to join the hippie communes. He soon became interested in the mystical meaning of the tarot cards. He didn't fit in too well with his new hippie friends. He was Fiercely paranoid, which didn't fit with the laid back lifestyle of the hippies he was with. Soon he drifted away from the communes and started his own self-styled lifestyle of an Aquarian Age Hermit, living in a six-foot-square shack in the woods.

Not far away was the home of an eye surgeon named Victor Ohta. Once while the Ohta family was out, Frazier broke into their house and stole a pair of binoculars. He considered the Ohta's to be "too materialistic." On Monday, October 19, 1970, Frazier went back to the Ohta house. Victors wife, Virginia, was the only person home. Holding a .38 revolver on the woman, he tied her wrists with a scarf, then waited for the rest of the family to come home. Soon, Dorothy Cadwallader, Victors secretary, showed up, along with one of the two Ohta boys. Then Ohta returned home with their second son. As each showed up, they were tied at gunpoint. Standing outside by the pool, Frazier started to lecture the captives about the evils of materialistic society and the ways in which it destroyed the environment. Ohta got into an argument with Frazier, so he shoved him into the pool. While he was trying to get out of the water, Frazier shot him 3 times. One by one Frazier killed the rest. Virginia, then Dorothy, then the boys, Derrick, and Taggart. Then Frazier went into the house, typed a note, and set the house a blaze. When the fire fighters showed up they found the five bodies in the pool, and the typed note under the windshield wipers of Ohta's Rolls-Royce. The message said:


today world war 3 will begin as brought to you by the people of the free universe.

From this day forward anyone and?/or company of persons who misuses the natural environment or destroys same will suffer the penalty of death by the people of the free universe.

I and my comrades from this day forth will fight until death or freedom, against anything or anyone who dose not support natural life on this planet, materialism must die, or man-kind will.





The community was in fear. The Tate/LaBianca murders by the Manson Family had occurred a bit over a year before, and now they were expecting the same to happen again. The hippie communes became suspicious. The police learned though, that they communes were also spooked by the Ohta murders, and they were willing to cooperate in catching the killer. Soon the note was published by the press, and a group of hippies recognized the ideas of the note of those that John Linley Frazier would talk about, and they supplied the location to Frazier's shack to the police. Frazier's fingerprints were lifted from the Rolls-Royce, and a beer can found at the scene.

When convicted in November 1970, a sanity trial was followed to determine what sort of punishment Frazier should receive. Freezers courtroom theatrics were unheard of. One side of his head was completely shaved, while his long hair and beard still sprouted on the other side. His reason for this stunt was quite convoluted. He appeared to be putting on an act to win an insanity plea, but his psychologist thought otherwise. He said that Frazier was trying to appear to be faking insanity, so that the jury would feel obliged to dismiss the insanity argument. In the end Frazier got a sanity ruling, and a death sentence. He regarded the gas chamber as preferable to "having any fascist pigs working on my head." Frazier's wish was denied when the California Supreme Court abolished capital punishment, and commuted his sentence to life imprisonment.

August 24, 2009

1970 mass murderer John Linley Frazier commits suicide in prison cell.

When I was a reporter at the San Jose Mercury News in the early 1970s the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains were known as the murder capital of the world.

One of the killers roaming those hills that I did regular stories on was John Linley Frazier. In October 1970 the Soquel area of the Santa Cruz hills, ophthalmologist Victor Ohta, his wife, two sons and Ohta’s secretary were killed and thrown in the family swimming pool.

A note left at the scene said the murders were intended to start a war against materialism.

Frazier was caught, tried, found guilty and sentenced to die. That sentence was lifted in 1974 when the United States Supreme Court struck down California's capital punishment law.

Thirty-five years later carried out the sentence himself.

Alone in his small cell at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, some 40 miles southeast of Sacramento, Frazier killed himself. A coroner ruled death was by asphyxiation. No details were offered. Frazier was found last Thursday but it was just announced today. He was 62.

Frazier had been transferred recently out of an intensive mental health program into the general prison population. He also has a physical disability, according to Jane Kahn, an attorney who monitors inmate suicides and prevention.

source: murderpedia

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"Doctor Strangelove And The End Of The Lizard King"|100cm x 170cm

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In the summer and fall of 1967, America became aware of a growing movement of young people, based mainly out of California, called the "psychedelic movement." This movement relied on drug use, strange music, and multimedia experiences to transcend reality and bring a higher state of consciousness to those who participated. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is the story of how this movement began: with one person, Ken Kesey, and his band of followers, the Merry Pranksters.

Kesey is a young, talented novelist who has just seen his first book, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, published, and who is consequently on the receiving end of a great deal of fame and fortune. While living in Palo Alto and attending Stanford's creative writing program, Kesey signs up to participate in a drug study sponsored by the CIA. The drug they give him is a new experimental drug called LSD.

Under the influence of LSD, Kesey begins to attract a band of followers. They are drawn to the transcendent states they can achieve while on the drug, but they are also drawn to Kesey, who is a charismatic leader. They call themselves the "Merry Pranksters" and begin to participate in wild experiments at Kesey's house in the woods of La Honda, California. These experiments, with lights and noise, are all engineered to create a wild psychedelic experience while on LSD. They paint everything in neon Day-Glo colors, and though the residents and authorities of La Honda are worried, there is little they can do, since LSD is not an illegal substance.

The Pranksters first venture into the wider world by taking a trip east, to New York, for the publication of Kesey's newest novel. They buy a bus, which they paint in Day-Glo and name "Furthur." Along the way they take trips on acid and film the entire thing. This is The Movie, which soon comes to symbolize the great experiment they are all participating in: either you are in The Movie, or you are not.

Back in California, Kesey's profile as a leader of this new counter cultural movement begins to rise. He befriends the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang, and even leads a retreat of Unitarian church leaders. Some begin to think of him as "the Prophet Kesey" - and indeed, much of what the Pranksters are doing does resemble a new religious movement.

To get the word out about the new understanding of life that the Pranksters achieve while high on LSD, they start Acid Tests. Acid Tests are huge parties with multi-media presentations where everyone takes LSD and transcends reality into a state of intersubjectivity. The Acid Tests become wildly popular, and Kesey is the de facto leader of the new movement. Soon, however, Kesey is busted by the authorities for possession of marijuana, and facing jail time, he flees the country to Mexico. The Pranksters join him, but in this desert land they simply cannot recreate the feeling of the Acid Tests that they held back in California. Kesey decides to sneak back into the U.S. and plays a "cops and robbers game" with the authorities, appearing on television and giving interviews in the paper, until he is finally caught by the FBI.

When Kesey goes before a judge, he tells him that in California he had a vision of "moving beyond acid." The judge lets him out to prepare for this great Acid Test Graduation, in which the Pranksters will try and transcend time and space, but without the help of the drug. This Graduation, which draws huge media attention (and much consternation from the huge community of people now taking LSD) ends up being a total failure, and though Kesey and the Pranksters believe they might have graduated from acid, no one follows along this time.

Kesey eventually does his jail time and settles down in Oregon with his wife and family. The Pranksters disperse, though some come back, and the bus, "Furthur," sits beside Kesey's small house in the Oregon woods.

source: grade Saver

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"Ohne das neunzehnte Loch wäre er nicht immer noch am Zwölften"

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March 26, 1997 brought the grizzly discovery that 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult had committed mass suicide, believing their souls would be transported to a spaceship trailing the Hale-Bopp comet. Fifteen years have passed since the group became an international sensation -- attracting a mix of horror and ridicule -- but New Age believers are still harboring hopes that alien visitors will beam them up and away from earth.

The newest crop of these have gathered in a commune, 200-strong, outside the upside-down mountain Pic de Bugarach in the south of France. There, they hope extraterrestrial saviors will whisk them away when the world ends December 21.

All 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult who committed suicide were wearing the same shoes and outfit. Each was draped in a purple cloth

Marshall Applewhite, the 65-year-old leader of the Heaven's Gate group

Marshall Applewhite, the 65-year-old leader of the Heaven's Gate group. As his mental health deteriorated, he led his followers down a deadly path. However, it was Heaven's Gate -- a group led by a man who called himself 'Do' and believed he was a descendant of Jesus Christ -- that brought the bizarre, delusional world of UFO-related cults to the attention of the outside world. The founder of the cult, Marshall Applewhite, told his followers that the world was due to be 'wiped clean' by the alien founders and that they needed to leave the earth. The Messier 9 star cluster is 25,000 light years from Earth, and includes stars far older than the sun Hubble captures sharpest-ever image of sparkling star cluster Messier 9 (which is the size of a pinhead to the... National Atomic Testing Museum Smithsonian-associated museum unveils exhibit of 'UFO and extraterrestrial-related items'

At first Applewhite taught that by denying themselves worldly comforts, sex and physical affection, individuality, money and jobs, they could ascend to the 'Next Level' and leave the earth before it was destroyed. He controlled nearly every aspect of his followers lives. He and six other male members of the group even traveled to Mexico, where they volunteered to be castrated to reduce distractions. Unfortunately, Applewhite was crazy and even he knew it. He had a history of checking himself into mental institutions.

The members of the cult lived together in this upscale home in San Diego, California. His mental health declined rapidly in the weeks following the group's mass suicide, cult expert Rick Ross told Mail Online.  When a photo emerged of a spot trailing the Hale-Bopp comet, which was nearing Earth, Applewhite taught his his group that the mark was evidence that the Heaven's Gate co-founder, who died of cancer in the 1980s, was following in the comet in a spaceship -- waiting to beam the souls of departed members aboard.


The members of the group believed their souls would be beamed up to a spaceship that was following the Hale-Bopp comet. The photo was later determined to be a forgery; there was no unexplained body following the comet. As the comet neared earth and Applewhite's mental health deteriorated, he prepared his clan for a mass suicide in the isolated house they shared in a wealthy San Diego, California, suburb.

Applewhite recorded several video messages explaining his actions, which were later found by authorities or left with Rio DiAngelo -- the group's sole survivor. On March 26, 1997, DiAngelo -- who had been chosen to 'stay on Earth' and continue preaching the group's message -- went to the Heaven's Gate House and found 39 dead bodies. Each of the followers were dressed black shirts and sweat pants, brand new black-and-white Nike Decades athletic shoes and armbands reading 'Heaven's Gate Away Team.'

All but three of the bodies were arranged neatly on their beds with their faces and torsos covered with a purple cloth. Each body had a five dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets and along with packed luggage at their sides. They mixed phenobarbital poison into applesauce or pudding and then washed it down with vodka. They then tied plastic bags on their heads to asphyxiate themselves and speed their deaths. The followers, age 26 to 72, killed themselves in three waves March 24, 25 and 26. The survivors always neatly arranged their dead comrades' bodies before committing suicide themselves. The mass suicide, the worst ever on American soil, was a wake-up call to authorities that cults are dangerous, even when left to their own devices, Ross, who has studied cults for decades and worked to 'deprogram' survivors, told Mail Online.

New threat? Some 200 people have gathered in a commune near Pic de Bugarach in France, where they believe a space ship will save them from the end of the world December 21. Before the Heaven's Gate case, academics who studied cults were beginning to advocate that outside intervention, not internal pressure, caused violence in cults. The People's Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana, killed themselves, 909 in all, after Congress began investigating the group. A siege by federal agents resulted in the deaths of 76 follows of David Koresh in Waco, Texas. Common believe was that cults 'exploded' because of outside forces. 'What we’ve seen since is that they implode. It isn’t because of external pressure,' Ross said.

It's unclear whether the same risks are present for the 200 'hippies' occupying a camp outside the tiny French village of Bugarach in the Pyrenees Mountains. According to the London Independent, the group doesn't seem to have a strong leader or a cohesive structure of rituals. Merely, the group is waiting for the end of the world -- as supposedly (but not really) predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar. The group has gathered around Pic de Bugarach waiting the date, believing they will be taken aboard a star ship hidden inside the mountain.

source: michael zennie

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The Vampire Of Sacramento

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